Friday, December 27, 2013

New Drawings

Here are 3 waitresses that I created for a lesson in Stephen Silver's Character Design 2.
The background is inspired by my friend Stephen Booth,  and the colors represent the bright colors of
the eighties.  

The waitresses are based on 3 fruit shapes: banana, pear and apple.  You could look below to see how the shapes helped define the figures.

Here is an emotion sheet for the character Abelina Baxter, you can look in previous posts of other drawings I did for this character.  On this sheet you see the 6 basic emotions a character expresses and on the bottom left is two poses of the character.  This sheet is good practice for other characters that I will design in the future.

This is a memory sketch that I did based off a drawing I did at a bar in South Carolina.  I was at my cousin's house for Thanksgiving so he took me to a bar there and I drew several people getting drunk, it was fun and creepy.

Below you can see the drawing that inspired the piece.  Most of these drawings are 30 seconds to a minute.  The people here are always moving so you gotta be quick.

A bonus figure drawing sketches, I will update more figure drawings soon along with other drawings from Silver's class.

Another bonus sketches from the airport when I was waiting for my plane to South Carolina.  30 seconds to a minute each.  Maybe two minutes on the top left and bottom right. I have been doing some at Starbucks and will do more figure drawings on the subway and update those soon!

That's it for now, take care!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Contest for the Year

Hello!  If you have been following my blog recently you would notice that I have been participating
in contests on the website talent house. I just submitted one last one for this year so I appreciate any support and you can vote here at this link....

Here is an image of my submission.  

This piece was an experiment with Charley Harper's style and halftones.  I am trying to emulate Charlie Harper's illustrations using more straight to curve lines in the design and textures.  I also really wanted to get into halftones and I think it will be something I will continue to add into more of my work, because they are soo fun to use! I miss old comics that use halftones like the old marvel comics from the 40's through the 60's.  The colors are neutral also like the comics from that period.

I will post some more work from Stephen Silver's class soon and also more figure drawings!  

That's it for now, take care!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Contest and New Caricatures

Hello everybody, I am in a new contest on Talenthouse, you can vote for me at this link....

Unfortunately, I did not win the last contest I participated in, but that will not stop me from entering more. Thank you for those who voted and I always appreciate the constant support!

Here is the page it is the musician, Guy Valarino couch surfing on a sea of fans!!!

Here is a caricature of Harpo.  I chose a more reserved pose rather than his chaotic personality depicted in the movies, every time Harpo plays the harp he is serious.  Here you can see at this clip...

Here are some sketches for the piece..

I also practiced more pet caricatures, here is my friend's, Jon, dog Jake, yes like the Jake in Adventure Time! 
Jake is not happy with the Knicks this year, honestly I miss Novak from the team.

I drew this cockatoo for my mom, my influence for these drawings is Charlie Harper.  He is just awesome! The bird's name is Mickey, but later in her life we discovered Mickey was a girl... We still call her Mickey regardless.

This last one is my mom's African Grey Parrot, Skylar. 

 I have a video of him dancing to my beatboxing here is a link...

My mom is getting him to dance because he eats too much and is fat.  He has a ton of energy though for a bird his size.

That's it for now, take care!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Character Studies

Hello, here is an update from what I am doing in Stephen Silver's Character Design Class.  I redrew the  Abelina and Wren (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) character more simplified and colored in.  Here is the full color, the final ink and the roughs.

Abelina Baxter

IF you look at the roughs, the left hand is drawn as a right hand so I had to fix that in the final...

 Here I simplified Abelina's form more keeping minimal details and more exact measurement.  I am going to practice more turnarounds, I have not done one for the other character Wren Blackburn, so perhaps her next.

Wren Blackburn finals and other drawings....

Here is a cowboy drawing I did, I tried to change the style a bit, but the anatomy and overall construction is a bit off. I am going to revise this and later color that version in.

Here are some roughs of other cowboys, a cowgirl concept that I didn't get to do.

Horse concepts

That's it for now, take care!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LimoLand Project 1

Hey Everybody, I just joined Talent House so I could get a wider audience for my work and compete in competitions with my art.  This first project is for the company LimoLand and the theme is Love for Valentine's Day.

Please vote for me so I could win! 

Here is my link....

I uploaded these images onto my blog so that people could view the project more clearly.  For some reason the size is very tiny on the website.  

Here is the description of the piece...

For my interpretation of love, I thought about relationships and how two opposites combined creates a strong bond. Through this idea, I thought it would be fun to play around with a variety of foods that follow this concept such as spaghetti and meatballs. I settled for the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly.

From this concept, I personified each side of the sandwich, peanut butter and jelly, as a separate gender to symbolize the dynamic bond that make this snack taste so great!

For my final proposal, I divided a page into three individual poses and a pattern to allow the viewer to see the images by themselves and as a group. Another reason why I separated these images is that I feel each pose is strong enough to be it's own design, in which, allows my illustration to be used in multiple ways to create an awesome clothing design!

I had fun doing this project!I hope everyone enjoys the humor and charm that I dedicated to this design. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thanks everyone for your time and support! I will post more work soon and even participate in more contests!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Andrew Loomis and Dr. Sketchy's (Also some from Living Gallery)

Here are some copies of Andrew Loomis studies of hands and facial features.  Andrew Loomis has some great books on anatomy and I am going to do more studies of his work soon.

Here i took my knowledge of my Loomis' studies and applied them to caricature. I focused on the facial features.

Here is a figure drawing awhile ago from Dare to Draw.

The next couple of figure drawings are from Dr. Sketchy's in NY.  I just recently started drawing at this venue, but unfortunately, they can not continue any future sessions for multiple reasons. I enjoyed going there and I hope they will continue at another venue for more drawing sessions.

This was my first session drawing a woman with a mermaid tail and a drag queen.

Here are some minute to two minute drawings...

 two minute drawings...

Here are two left handed sketches. The one on the left is from my first session and the one on the right is my 3rd session of Sketchy's.

Here was the first contest I won at Dr. Sketchy's!!! We had to transform the mermaid into half of another creature instead of a fish. I chose to do three and make her a Jackalope.  

I got a squishy soft android plushie! 

This was the second contest I won, I got a free shot of tequila! This contest the figures had to miss a 
body part and be replaced by another appendage.  Can you guess which body parts I replaced and added?

Here are two final ten minute drawings. I spoke to the drag queen after and he really liked these two.

The next session the woman dressed up as Lilith.  For those who do not know who Lilith is, here 
She is the original Eve, in Jewish folklore.  She ate babies and "hung out" with some demons and dragons.

This one is a demonic version of her.

This one was a contest, in which, we gave her a companion.  I chose Adam and made a quick cartoon of it.  It made some laughs and I got a tequila shot for it!

This one is creepy, the woman posing as Lilith was really good and pretended to eat a plastic doll with blood capsules. Awesome!

This was the last session, sigh.  I used the Pentak pen for this and a charcoal pencil.

Doodling Mary, gotta practice more caricaturing.

Here are figures done in the living gallery.  Got some highlighter in there..

Another caricature this time Jenny, and the left is quick drawing of a guy dancing with a skeleton.

That's it for now, I will post an update of my character design this week.  Take care!