Friday, December 27, 2013

New Drawings

Here are 3 waitresses that I created for a lesson in Stephen Silver's Character Design 2.
The background is inspired by my friend Stephen Booth,  and the colors represent the bright colors of
the eighties.  

The waitresses are based on 3 fruit shapes: banana, pear and apple.  You could look below to see how the shapes helped define the figures.

Here is an emotion sheet for the character Abelina Baxter, you can look in previous posts of other drawings I did for this character.  On this sheet you see the 6 basic emotions a character expresses and on the bottom left is two poses of the character.  This sheet is good practice for other characters that I will design in the future.

This is a memory sketch that I did based off a drawing I did at a bar in South Carolina.  I was at my cousin's house for Thanksgiving so he took me to a bar there and I drew several people getting drunk, it was fun and creepy.

Below you can see the drawing that inspired the piece.  Most of these drawings are 30 seconds to a minute.  The people here are always moving so you gotta be quick.

A bonus figure drawing sketches, I will update more figure drawings soon along with other drawings from Silver's class.

Another bonus sketches from the airport when I was waiting for my plane to South Carolina.  30 seconds to a minute each.  Maybe two minutes on the top left and bottom right. I have been doing some at Starbucks and will do more figure drawings on the subway and update those soon!

That's it for now, take care!

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