Sunday, September 12, 2010

MAT Thesis and More Caricatures

So I'm starting to ink a comic I recently have finished penciling.
The project is an exploration into my childhood. I have adapted a comic I
drew in 2nd grade and done it in my style as an adult. The purpose is an effort to get
back into my naiveté state of mind and find out why I wanted to become a cartoonist in the first place. I will upload the images from the original comic soon, but in the meantime here are two
pages I've completed.

I am pretty satisfied with this page overall. The only part that my teacher,
Howie Weiss, andI discussed a little confusing was the top right corner.
I may want to later go back and do some more cross-hatching to
define space, but as for now I'm okay with how it looks.

This one disappointed me. I love how it looked when it was penciled,
but I feel that the page now suffers from sloppy inking.
My teacher told me perhaps go back to this one after you finish the rest.
He agreed that the inking took away from the page and also suggested that I may
perhaps redraw it. Oh boy, I think he's right...

This one I did for fun. It's for a friend and his band. I haven't showed him yet so I hope he likes it.

This is Karla, a receptionist at building services.
She's been wanting me to draw acaricature of her and so I finally did.
She loved it and wants me to draw her family's caricatures for christmas. I think this will be good practice for me and Karla is awesome so I wouldn't mind doing it for her.

This last one is Laura, my supervisor, in another caricature. However, the bizarre thing about this one is that she gave me a pic of her daughter as a child and wanted me to draw her as a kid not as a present adult. I thought this request was weird, but I suppose what the heck and did it anyways. It's a kinda weird caricature, but I like the colors.

That's it for now and I will update soon!