Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hello, I hope everyone had a fun Halloween, you know I did!    BOO hahahahahaa?  Anyways my friend Ben, web-address is on the right side of my blog, wanted to make a puppet show for this event and unfortunately there were too many people at the show so it never happened.  Oh well, it would of been cool and I would have been God fighting Satan and here are some pictures of the puppets.  Also it's a puppet show of the Apocalypse and I helped YEAAAHHHH!!!. 

Red Horse closeup

God's face up close now you see him!!

M friend Doug with satan eyes bangin on da drum

Doug and James bangin together, once again doug has Satan eyes

dead horseguy

Red horse body

Satan and his claws of death behind the mask

Wolf faces by my fried Jon Kan

Damn it James stop bangin' those drums

Black horseyman

Black horse 

White horse


And finally, last but not least, me as God!

I'm going to eat more candy now so I'll do another post some time bye!