Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some New Things

Hey all you happy bloggers, sorry I have not been on in awhile, but I was in the hospital and I'm feeling better so I hope y'all can forgive my absentee.

Anyways to start off I did a bg painter from a hanna-barbara cartoon, "Skeeter Trouble."  I really enjoyed the colors in this one, but I put yellow on the tree and chimney because I ran outta white.  I think it still looks pretty good.

Here are some drawings I did at home of some cartoon toys I had.  MAgic gumball Mickey and Alvin the piggy bank.

I read a recent post of John K's talking about Smokey the "man-boob" bear and I found this one that Richard Scarry did.  I have some art of Dick's that I enjoy and I will post some up some day.

Here is another bear painting Dick did and I love it. Cropped it by accident and I couldn't do anything about so silence to all those haters.

Here's some new and old caricatures.  The first one is a guy I saw on the train and I'm trying to make my caricatures more funny so here was my first attempt at a new style I'm currently developing for me.

Here is some more people on the train.

My dad side view

I did the next two at the hospital and I don't really like them.... Oh well, the noses are weird and I'm working on that.

Here's a quick one I did of Chris.

Another quick one and I liked this one it's funny, Chris, on the other hand, thought I made him look like a snobby English man.

Here is a color one of my friend Leah.  Sorry the color stinks the resolution was bad when I scanned it.

Side view of my techy nerd roomy arron

The next one is an idea the people at my work and I had for a show on adult swim.  It involves Nick Manning, who is a porn star that often appears on the Howard Stern show, and in my cartoon he will be a porn star secret agent. I want it to be animated like the Clutch Cargo cartoons,  but I hope I don't get sewed by Conan O'Brian because he already does stuff like that on his show.  I love his show too. 

Devin again

My friends Jake and Chris drinking with the orioles mascot.  I made them look gay hehehehe.
The beautiful Naoko who lets me call her nacho. 


And that's it, I will up date more so Chris get off my back and stop breathing on me!!!!