Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some New Things

Hey all you happy bloggers, sorry I have not been on in awhile, but I was in the hospital and I'm feeling better so I hope y'all can forgive my absentee.

Anyways to start off I did a bg painter from a hanna-barbara cartoon, "Skeeter Trouble."  I really enjoyed the colors in this one, but I put yellow on the tree and chimney because I ran outta white.  I think it still looks pretty good.

Here are some drawings I did at home of some cartoon toys I had.  MAgic gumball Mickey and Alvin the piggy bank.

I read a recent post of John K's talking about Smokey the "man-boob" bear and I found this one that Richard Scarry did.  I have some art of Dick's that I enjoy and I will post some up some day.

Here is another bear painting Dick did and I love it. Cropped it by accident and I couldn't do anything about so silence to all those haters.

Here's some new and old caricatures.  The first one is a guy I saw on the train and I'm trying to make my caricatures more funny so here was my first attempt at a new style I'm currently developing for me.

Here is some more people on the train.

My dad side view

I did the next two at the hospital and I don't really like them.... Oh well, the noses are weird and I'm working on that.

Here's a quick one I did of Chris.

Another quick one and I liked this one it's funny, Chris, on the other hand, thought I made him look like a snobby English man.

Here is a color one of my friend Leah.  Sorry the color stinks the resolution was bad when I scanned it.

Side view of my techy nerd roomy arron

The next one is an idea the people at my work and I had for a show on adult swim.  It involves Nick Manning, who is a porn star that often appears on the Howard Stern show, and in my cartoon he will be a porn star secret agent. I want it to be animated like the Clutch Cargo cartoons,  but I hope I don't get sewed by Conan O'Brian because he already does stuff like that on his show.  I love his show too. 

Devin again

My friends Jake and Chris drinking with the orioles mascot.  I made them look gay hehehehe.
The beautiful Naoko who lets me call her nacho. 


And that's it, I will up date more so Chris get off my back and stop breathing on me!!!!



latoucha said...

Nice to see you are back!

Keep up all your good work...

Bob said...

Thanks latoucha good to hear from ya!!

Caplan said...

Really great drawings. The landscape turned out very nice. The comments are funny too

Bob said...
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Bob said...

Thanks caplan I appreciate your comment and also you should post some of your work on your blog so that I could leave comments.

Caplan said...

my blog is you should look. I'll talk to you later

Kali Fontecchio said...

ya looks just like it! now apply it to yer own stuff!

Bob said...

Wowee zowee alright kali will do thank you for that comment, copying old hb bacgrounds can get tedious at times so I want tostart that right away. Also Leah your work looks great it looks like you have been posting a lot so it's great to see your work. When I get back from home we shall paint!

Caplan said...

Thanks rob

Josue said...

lookin good. i wanna a characiture done!!!

Bob said...

I promise you a caricature josue, just hopefully next time it won't be on an overpacked train.