Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heckling Hare Attempt

Hello everyone who checks this blog, I have a new post!
This post is another exercise and I promise that I will soon show updates on my comic and a few other surprises... ;)

Anyways, this exercise is taken from John K.'s website and I always wanted to do it because it looked fun to do, plus Scribner is one of my favorite animators.

Well here it is, first the construction.....

Then the 2nd level of forms

And last but not least the details. (You can click on all these images to enlarge)

Well that's all the work I'm going to post now. I have also been doing caricatures, but I'm still in a slump with those. I feel I got to understand anatomy of the human face more. I also have one last final treat for all my readers and that is one of my favorite comics by the cartoonist Chester Gould, the guy who did Dick Tracy. I think this comic is ahead of it's time because of the loose style of the silhouettes and when I first saw this comic I couldn't believe it was Gould because most of his stuff is usually stocky and overbearing. The last 3 panels are my favorite and I enjoy how the bodies look when they are merged together, it really makes a beautiful shape.

Well that's it and next week I will have more and if you're in Baltimore come to comic con it's coming up, soon I believe, and I hear the line up is sweeeeet!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick Post

Hello. I'm still trying to figure out a way to scan some images, but for the mean time I scanned some Howie Post studies I did this weekend. Here they are...

This last image is not a Howie Post study, but a drawing I worked on last year. I'm starting to add color into it with colored pencils and I plan to finish it sometime.

Anyways I have to continue with thesis, getting back to school, yada yada and I will have another post soon, I promise ;)