Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Inkings and Better Resolution Files

Hi, I hope everyone on the East Coast is okay... Hurricane Sandy was intense and I am
very fortunate that I moved out of Long Island when I did. (My friends said the streets were filled with 5 feet of water!)

I got my power and I am able to update some new inkings based on drawings from John K's blog.  Here they are...

This is my last inking I did, I felt there is some inconsistencies around the bottom half of Slab, notely his right leg should be more bold on the outlines.

I am going to redo this one, there is many inconsistent lines on both figures.

This one I thought came out well, the lines for the details and outlines are consistent.

The lines on the face of the cat is inconsistent. Also most of the lines aren't direct, they are wavy. The spoon and hands are sloppy.
I want to redo this one.

These came out well.  The one on the left is slightly bolder than the one on the right.

This one came out well, took awhile to do George...

Lastly, this was my first inking.  The lines are too bold, but I feel that I have improved greatly since this one.

That's it for now, hope everyone who survived Sandy is doing fine.  I still can't believe the cyclone is underwater, that's surreal.