Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Student Work/Work for Students

Recently, I have been drawing caricatures for my students here are some...

Some bizarre boy band, Mindless Behavior?

For the boys and my friend Stacy.

There is a reason for that blue on Amare's glasses...
here it is...

Artwork from a sweet girl, Bahiyah, from my art volunteer program. 
I like her drawing of me, I will be doing the program again next year!

Don't forget Wade!

These are very quick doodles I did for my students.
I enjoy the fact that the kid made Goku and African-American,
I dig that.

This is a character from their nutrition book, Brian Broccoli and he is very strong.

Of course! Mermaids!!!

Regular Show drawing (sorry about the quality of pic)

This is a drawing I was able to recover from my stolen sketchbook. I found
out who took it, but sadly I did not get it back... Long story, don't ask!

I will upload more stuff later, take care!