Saturday, August 31, 2013

Society of Illustrators and Living Gallery

Hello, I have more figure drawings to share....

First is from Society of Illustrators, it's a great place to draw in the city on the upper east side

1st Day 

30 sec and 1 minute poses

1 min to 5 min poses

10 min

20 min ( I missed the second 20 minute this day because a contact fell out)

2nd Day

30 sec to 1 min

I think the top head on this figure looks like an anime character and the face below looks Madam Medusa from "The Rescuers"

5 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

20 minutes

I also am going to the Living Gallery in Brooklyn that my friend Jenny Penny hosts.  The model was funny and wore lots of bizarre outfits, here are some drawings...

8 minutes

10 minutes for each full figure and about 3 minute for head

That is it for now.  I will upload my animation soon and some other art.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Musee d'Orsay Drawings and Digital Drawings

Hey Everyone, this summer I went to France to visit my sister and also to take a summer course at Gobelins for Animation.  I really enjoyed it a lot and learned many principles in animation.  I will post the animation that I did there on this blog soon.  

During my program at Gobelins, I went to Musee d'Orsay and copied so masters art to help my figure drawing.  Here are the drawings I did when I was there...

These quick poses were done from Degas sculptures in d'Orsay.  They are very gestural and fun to look at.

These next drawings are digital, I did it on this website called

I wanted to draw figures in photoshop and in September I plan to do them from a live source next time I figure draw at society of illustrators.

These two are 30 sec and two 1 minute poses

This is a 5 min pose

5 min pose

30 min pose

30 min pose

5 min pose

5 min pose

The next three are more 30 sec/1min poses

Next two are 5 min pose

30 min

I am also going to draw more animals, this all helps when I animate.

I have some more figure drawings from Society of Illustrators I am going to upload soon.

Any advice on these drawings would be very appreciative.  I am new to drawing figures in digital so any friends or fellow artists feel free to suggest some photoshop brushes or advice on how to improve these drawings.

Thanks for stopping bye!