Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hey ya'll I'm in Texas right now.  I'm going to upload some more stuff onto this blog when I get back to Baltimore, but for now here's a huge blog of stuff.

To start off here is a comic idea suggested by my friend Jacob, whose drawings I will show later on the blog.  Jacob told me that I should make a comic about my crackhead neighbors that I lived with my sophomore year of college.  Anyways here is a caricature I did of them, Dave and Gino.  

Dave, the one with the glasses, was always either grumpy or retardly happy.  He loved rock music and liked to drink jack bourbon, however when he drank too much he become outlandishly violent.  Gino, the other guy with the weird hair, got stabbed in the face 10 times in 3 fights I think.  He loved rock and country, bleh.  He also liked metal and I think he really liked the band white snake, it could be a different band my buddy mike will clarify that detail.  Gino always tried to be suave and a ladies man.  Dave is insane, I think he was in the Navy in Vietnam and that made him crazy.  I have a lot of material for these guys and they always wanted me to make them into cartoon characters, perhaps I shall. Below is some more drawings and pics of them.

The two Gino picture was taken by my friend Mike Martin.


Here's some doodles...
quick monster parade sketch I did in my teaching class I like these boids
Maurice Sendak interpretation
stupid squidgy monster.... Some ladies in my class thought this pile of goo monster was cute, I'm confused.

Giraffe guy who is slightly based off the principal in my school Fred Lazaras.  After I did this everyone told me he owns part of Toys R' us and I was not aware of that.
Initial drawing
Coloring, my friend Tanya helped me out with this.  She did a great job.
Characters on a background


Drunk Lady caricature I did in a bar.

This model sheet is a character I created when I was eight.  His name is Bath-Time-Dog.  Some people told me to make comics of him again.  That is why I did this model sheet.  I will try to find the original drawings of him when I was eight.  Also I am going to make more model sheets of his friends.  I think BTD is generic, but I may attempt a comic strip with him.

Betty Boop Copies

Tom Richmond copies
I did this caracture of Chris the librarian in 3 minutes, ehhhhh I could've done it a lot better.

Chris's caricature of me on the other hand is awesome!!!

A picture of the artist.  Chris knows a lot about comedy, music, literature, anything.  He's a librarian and I'm going to post some of the stuff he shows me on this blog.

Here are some pics of the 4th of july festival.  Chris's girlfriend Chris, haha, is in the baltimore symphony and it was a lot of fun to listen to the orchestra play.

Canon explosion.
and what's fourth of july without fireworks????

Oh yeah and some caricatures I did that day.....

My friend Mary, I work with her at the MRC.  I have some pictures she drew of me at Baltimore, not Texas, that I will eventually post on my blog because they're so funny.

Marlo Meekins copy of Emily.  I work with her and it blew my mind that she knows Marlo.  She's a nice person and a great caricaturist heres a link to her stuff...

Kali copy of Nico

More Richmond
These next two drawings are done by my friend Jacob.  He's a very talented drawer/painter and occasionally I nag him to draw me a cartoon.  

Here's some quick comics Jacob, my Ben, and I did for fun.  

I liked Jacob's drawing of the close up shot with the bear so much that I did one myself.

This caricature makes me laugh, it's a random old dude I saw.  I might make him into a comic as well....
Cat with the bola cap at my job...

Anyways when I get back to Baltimore I will post some influences and definitely some more caricatures/doodles.

GOOOODBYEEE!!!! (for now. hehehehe)

Monday, July 7, 2008

George Liquor Storyboard

Here are some storyboards that I did that were based off a script that John K. wrote for the George Liquor show.

I still have to finish the ending and I will try to finish that tommorow and have it posted up. I also have been doing several caricatures lately and will post those up as well. Anyways hope everyone had a happy july 4th.