Monday, July 20, 2009

Flash Animation

Click Crocky Walk to see the basic walk cycle I did in my flash animation class.

Below are some character sketches/art and also the backgrounds I made for this short. I'm still new to flash and animation and I plan to continue it in the future. This short is inspired by the early Hanna Barbara art, but I feel I need to copy some of the art in that period so I can understand the style more. I plan to make do that this week and post it on my blog soon. 

Well here ends another blog. I am going to try to do a new post by next week to make up for the lack of posts this year.  


Friday, July 10, 2009

Some stuff I did this summer

This summer I have been in two classes, flash animation and a Photoshop class, at FIT. Here is some work from my Photoshop class which ended about 2 weeks ago...

The shape image below is a project I thought was interesting. The class had to make a bunch of geometric shapes with the marquee tools and combine or cut them with other shapes to form one solid shape.  It was required to make 10 and this is my fav one. Anyways, I like the idea of shapes and may use the them of creating, seeing, and using shapes as the overall concept my final teaching year.

This was a fun project it was to create a room...

This room is the most complete because it has the shadows incorporated in it. I think it's clustered, but I like the colors.

Next week I am going to have this walk cycle from my animation class. Here's a sneak peek of the character.

Bye for now (: ......