Saturday, June 8, 2013

Animation Portfolio

My name is Robert Schachter and here is my animation portfolio for a position as an animator, storyboard artist or character designer.

After graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art, I was accepted to the Summer Program at Les Gobelins for character development.

I am skilled in Maya, ToonBoom and Adobe Photoshop.  I am a graduate at MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art, and I have a Masters in Art Education and Bachelors in Fine Art. With my background in both animation and education, I am able to create meaningful animations that intrigue both children and adults.

Character Development

Animations - "Stranded Animation"

A drunk janitor wakes up from a hangover and realizes he is stranded on an island.  Out of fear of dying, he befriends a mop and soon finds himself to have feelings for this inanimate object.  Animated in ToonBoom StoryBoard Pro 2. - "Crocky Walk"

Walk cycle of a cartoon character I created in Flash CS3.  The design I used to create the character and background were inspired by the talented artists of Hanna Barbara from the early 1960's like Ed Benedict and Art Lozzi.




Murals and Large Paintings

"Devil Boy and Angel Dog" 8'x10'
 I did the devil, Stephen Booth did the dog

"Western Cat and Dog" 4' x 5'

"Bull and Dog Sheruff" 4'x 6'

"Deep Thought" 4' x 5' (Work in Progress)

"Tongue-Tied" 3' x 7' (Work in Progress)

Close up shot of shape and things

Close up shot of shape and things

Close up shot of shape and things

"Shapes and Things" 4' 7' (Work in Progress)


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