Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick Post

Hello. I'm still trying to figure out a way to scan some images, but for the mean time I scanned some Howie Post studies I did this weekend. Here they are...

This last image is not a Howie Post study, but a drawing I worked on last year. I'm starting to add color into it with colored pencils and I plan to finish it sometime.

Anyways I have to continue with thesis, getting back to school, yada yada and I will have another post soon, I promise ;)


Ryan G. said...

The cat looks good but if you are going to use color pencils, I would ink the drawing first and erase the pencil. Coloring on top of pencil makes it muddy and smears the pencil.

Bob said...

hmmm. that's not a bad idea, thanks ryan I will definitely try that out. The pencils are drawn hard into it so I will probably do the inking on another piece a paper using a lightbox. Thanks for stopping by and I like the inkings you have posted on your blog.