Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Contest and New Caricatures

Hello everybody, I am in a new contest on Talenthouse, you can vote for me at this link....

Unfortunately, I did not win the last contest I participated in, but that will not stop me from entering more. Thank you for those who voted and I always appreciate the constant support!

Here is the page it is the musician, Guy Valarino couch surfing on a sea of fans!!!

Here is a caricature of Harpo.  I chose a more reserved pose rather than his chaotic personality depicted in the movies, every time Harpo plays the harp he is serious.  Here you can see at this clip...

Here are some sketches for the piece..

I also practiced more pet caricatures, here is my friend's, Jon, dog Jake, yes like the Jake in Adventure Time! 
Jake is not happy with the Knicks this year, honestly I miss Novak from the team.

I drew this cockatoo for my mom, my influence for these drawings is Charlie Harper.  He is just awesome! The bird's name is Mickey, but later in her life we discovered Mickey was a girl... We still call her Mickey regardless.

This last one is my mom's African Grey Parrot, Skylar. 

 I have a video of him dancing to my beatboxing here is a link...

My mom is getting him to dance because he eats too much and is fat.  He has a ton of energy though for a bird his size.

That's it for now, take care!

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