Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year, New Website!

Hey Everybody, I got a new website up go check it out!!!

My cartoon name is now Bob Charles because my first name is named after my grandfather Bob (mother's side) and my middle name is Charles, which was my other grandfather's brother (father's side). Also my favorite animators are Bob Clampett and Chuck Jones so that works with it as well.

Before I show my revisions to old pieces check out the banner I did for my website!!!

It is a version of me in Crockett Johnson's, "Harold's Purple Crayon, " style. Eventually, I am going to experiment with multiple style of cartoon versions of myself and have it scroll in the front of my website like a slide show! So keep your eyes open for that.

Here are some revisions on old pieces check em' out

The original Walter piece is in the link below

Original Abelina Piece is on the link below...

Original Wren Piece is in the link below...

Original Abelina Turnaround is in the link below...

Original Cowboy Piece is in the link below...

This is a caricature of the show, "Pawn Stars," they are also pigs in this.  This was a fun assignment to transform a celebrity into an animal. Kept that Danny Dent's Morrison painting that is always on the show.

This was a character variation exercise that I did in two styles.  One the "Mighty B!" and the other is "Uncle Grandpa" two shows that are very cartoony and fun!

Here are some updated caricatures I revised from waaaay back when.. 

There is more here....

Also here is the old ones...

I am now officially done with Stephen Silver's Character Design Course I and II! The class was a great experience and I feel that I am getting closer at understanding character design.  Now to start animating in 3D for my class in Animation Mentor! 

That's it for now, Take care!!!

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