Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Andrew Loomis and Dr. Sketchy's (Also some from Living Gallery)

Here are some copies of Andrew Loomis studies of hands and facial features.  Andrew Loomis has some great books on anatomy and I am going to do more studies of his work soon.

Here i took my knowledge of my Loomis' studies and applied them to caricature. I focused on the facial features.

Here is a figure drawing awhile ago from Dare to Draw.

The next couple of figure drawings are from Dr. Sketchy's in NY.  I just recently started drawing at this venue, but unfortunately, they can not continue any future sessions for multiple reasons. I enjoyed going there and I hope they will continue at another venue for more drawing sessions.

This was my first session drawing a woman with a mermaid tail and a drag queen.

Here are some minute to two minute drawings...

 two minute drawings...

Here are two left handed sketches. The one on the left is from my first session and the one on the right is my 3rd session of Sketchy's.

Here was the first contest I won at Dr. Sketchy's!!! We had to transform the mermaid into half of another creature instead of a fish. I chose to do three and make her a Jackalope.  

I got a squishy soft android plushie! 

This was the second contest I won, I got a free shot of tequila! This contest the figures had to miss a 
body part and be replaced by another appendage.  Can you guess which body parts I replaced and added?

Here are two final ten minute drawings. I spoke to the drag queen after and he really liked these two.

The next session the woman dressed up as Lilith.  For those who do not know who Lilith is, here 
She is the original Eve, in Jewish folklore.  She ate babies and "hung out" with some demons and dragons.

This one is a demonic version of her.

This one was a contest, in which, we gave her a companion.  I chose Adam and made a quick cartoon of it.  It made some laughs and I got a tequila shot for it!

This one is creepy, the woman posing as Lilith was really good and pretended to eat a plastic doll with blood capsules. Awesome!

This was the last session, sigh.  I used the Pentak pen for this and a charcoal pencil.

Doodling Mary, gotta practice more caricaturing.

Here are figures done in the living gallery.  Got some highlighter in there..

Another caricature this time Jenny, and the left is quick drawing of a guy dancing with a skeleton.

That's it for now, I will post an update of my character design this week.  Take care!

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