Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Animation at Gobelins

This summer I had the privilege of taking an animation class at Gobelins.  There I learned
various techniques from wonderful teachers, guest animators and fellow peers.

It was an experience that will always be remembered.

Here is the animation I did there.  I am going to ink it and color the work one day so it is very rough at the moment.

Here is a description of the assignment...

This summer, I went to Gobelins and created a project involving a character interacting with a cube. I chose Danny the cat from the film, "Cats Don't Dance."
The project emphasizes on depicting specific poses to describe the job of the character such as an aristocrat or spy. I chose a scientist for the role of my character and so all of the movements are methodical and contemplative.

This is a rough animation and I will clean it up with the inking and hopefully color it one day. Any feedback is appreciated because I plan on exaggerating some of the movements prior to the inking so that the timing and poses are more fluid and direct.
Thank you for your time and enjoy!!!!

I really do appreciate any feedback.  I have met tons of supportive animators
 and even if you do not animate, your opinion matters a lot to me.  

Thanks for stopping bye! 

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