Friday, June 13, 2008

Sequential Art/ Character Development class drawings

This past three week mini-mester I did a couple of illustration work for Brian Ralph's Sequential Art/ Character Development class.  This is my first illustration class that I ever taken and I really enjoyed the class and the students were both awesome artists and fun people to talk to.  Brian was also a great teacher and I suggest anyone interested in illustration should take his class. 

This project was an in class project called cute to brute.  This project required you to create an initial cute character and turn it into a horrifying brute.  This is what I did for the assignment.  Overall, this project rocked and it seemed that everyone in my class was into it.  

This is another in class assignment.  My teacher made all the students write down two feelings on a small piece of paper and than write down two positions that required a costume to wear. I chose to draw a disgruntled drag queen.  It was a silly and quick assignment.

This next character was created for the first comic book in the class.  The comic book called for a character to be stranded on an island and so I decided to draw a janitor.  I think he is the best and most likable character I made in this class.

This is my first comic.  

These are the characters for my second comic.  This assignment required you to make two odd roommates so I chose to draw a mad scientist living with a cheerleader.

This is my second comic in the class, "The roommate Comic"  The drawings in this comic have more dynamic perspectives than the "head-on" perspectives I had in the first comic.  However,  I still had the trouble of making my panels too small and therefore hard to read in certain areas.  Also the second page had to much space in between the panels.

These are the characters I did for my third comic.  I like them, but their name was already taken by a movie so I will have to change that.

Here is my third comic for "the stranger" assignment.  I think overall this nicely done comic.

This is the last comic I did in the class.  It was a two day assignment and I worked with Zak Greene who is listed on my links at right-hand corner of my blog.  Zak is a good guy a geek like me and a funny guy to talk to.  We decided, based on our personalities, that I would draw the good guy, the procrastinator, and he would draw the villain, the sloth.  My panels are the ones to the left.

Well that's all the work I did for Brian Ralph's class.  Awesome times and my only regret was that I wished it was longer because playing SSMB on the projector was incredible.  People in blogland stay tooned because I am going to post some of my prints next post and have some more paintings/drawings the post after.

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