Monday, June 16, 2008

Intaglio Prints

Here are some prints I did for my intaglio class.  I want to experiment with screenprinting next so that I can start to mass produce my work.  Anyways here is my first print of two monsters.
First Stage

I like this blue one

Final 2 colors on black ink background

This is my second final.  You could rearrange the pieces like the game duck duck goose.  Anyways my prints had the faux-naif theme, bleh, and I was trying to emulate a child-like style.  I thought that having a game like this would add something more to my theme.

Upclose shot of the goose

Upclose shot of the duck

This is my final. Here is the first stage just line work no aquatints.

2nd stage aquatints

Last and final the color

Here's another shot of it.

More soon to come... but I think I may post some cool work i found from cartoonists.


Kali Fontecchio said...

I like the duck, QUACK. I'd wear it.

Bob said...

hahaha yea dat duck is silly, i was thinking about making them into magnets, but t-shirts sounds like a good idear too. Thanks kali!! ima a big fan of your work and I appreciate the comment and response to the laserdisc question.

Darcey said...

Rob I hope you work for MAD magazine someday. your characters are really cool

Bob said...

hahaha yea darcey i would love to work for mad. I always dreamt of being a person who would be responsible for corrupting the minds of the youth. Thanks darcey for the comment and if you're in baltimore still you should give me a call because we should collaborate on a comic.