Monday, October 14, 2013

Character Design Part Two

Hello Everyone.  So here is my character design assignment from Stephen Silver's class for this week.
The first one was to make a realistic portrait of a man with a bola hat and then to draw three caricatures of the same man, but from memory.  I enjoyed doing from memory because it alleviates the stress of making it look exactly like the subject and you focus more on the variety of head shapes and the exaggeration of facial features.  I also did a variety of caricatures of my friends so I will post that shortly, but this exercise allowed me to experiment with the art of caricature.

After that assignment and drawing caricatures of friends, I did several versions of the character I created last week of Abelina Baxter and her alter ego Wren Blackburn.  I colored them to give me a future idea of how I will color the final product of the character in the end.

Then finally, I chose 3 heads that I liked from each row and made a body for them.  They show the front and profile of the figure and I did this for both Wren and Abelina.

So there you have it.  I will post some pictures soon of caricatures of my friends. Also I did not forget about the figure drawings, I apologize for not having those up last week, but they will be up sometime this week.

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