Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boardwalk Empire, Freelance, and Jerry

I'm a big fan of, "Boardwalk Empire," and I drew these scenes fromthe first episode of the new season. The first pic is Nucky's Back, Steve Buscemi, from the intro. The intro always reminded me of these two Magritte paintings...

The intro to the 1st episode is great. The song in the begininng, you only love something until you got it,( I think that's the title) really set up for the whole season. For Chalkey, it was his business in whiskey, for Nucky, it was Ms. Shroeder and his business, for Ms. Shroeder it was Nucky, and the list goes on. This first scene of Ms. Shroeder was shot very well and reminded me of the famous pearl earring painting...

Next, I drew a scene from this episode. The scene when the KKK broke down Chalkey's door was excellent and set-up for the start of this season. Here is my storyboard version of the scene...

Ended with Chalkey's scared face of almost dying.

Agent Nelson is another character I love or love to hate. Either way, his lust for power and respect got the best of him in the end. I haven't finished drawing out this scene yet, but it's the part where he cracks down on a restaurant that serves booze.

Both Nelson and Jimmy's desire to kill Nucky led to there downfall. I enjoyed this season, not as much as the first and I am excited to see what happens in the future, especially since they will be inroducing Bugsy Siegel to the cast.
Here is an ad I worked for when I was at a Vintage Shop in Brooklyn. I enjoyed drawing the sailors because I got to make them old timey and I am nostalgic for the past.
This next piece is for a friend's band, and I'm still working on it. It's cartoony now so I will make it more "illustrative." It's pretty much a guy shooting death and I got the character's face by relooking at Chester Gould's, "Dick Tracey."
Lastly, here are studies of Jerry that I copied and later inked.

That's it, I will update my animatic soon with more drawings. Stay tuned!

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