Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aquarium gig

Wow, I'm sorry for how long I neglected my blog. To all that look at my blog
I apologize whole-heartely. Honestly I do, its been a challenging year learning to
become a teacher. I've been struggling making new lesson plans, learning time and classroom
management strategies and trying to maintain a social life. Also a healthy lifestyle, which
is also temporary on hold.

Apart from that I did score an awesome part-time gig at the national aquarium in Bmore!
I've worked there five times and it's awesome. I feel that I am starting to become
more comfortable as a caricaturist, but I still got a long ways to go. I'm fortunate
enough to work with a lot of great people who helped me along the way.

Here are the drawings, this is from my 5th gig I just started bringing my camera, not
sure why I didn't do this in previous gigs...

Oh yeah, surfing on a shark!

This couple loved the jellyfish I drew so I drew lots of jellies for them.

Sleepy baby.

and here he is.

This is one I did for fun as an example.

I'm going to post another post soon as a preview to my upcoming MAT, masters in art teaching, show this weekend. It's going to be great!

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