Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bullwinkle sketches

Here are some of my first attempts at copying bullwinkle.  I found drawing in this style very difficult and I think it is because this style appears flat, but actually all the forms are 3-dimensional.  The reason why people feel that these pictures are flat is because all the forms are simplified.  I can't explain it all in words so I wrote a couple of observations on the drawings to understand the complexity of this style.  Anywhere there is a NS label in the drawing that just stands for negative space.  I feel that the forms and negative spaces in these drawings are wacky and create really cool abstract shapes.

This drawing was really hard to draw and I'm going to make another attempt at it after I read John's blog about the construction of these characters.

In conclusion, I will like to thank Blambro from Far Rock for getting my drawings scanned.


Roberto said...

These R & B drawings are really good. I like how you clean these up well.

Hryma said...

Good stuff Bob!
I reckon you should have a crack at animating your own little short with Bullwinkle.
Go Bullwinkle!
Thanks for the comment too!